Our Winery

The barn that currently houses the winery has worn many hats over the years.

Built in 1991 as an enclosure for our mowers and assorted farm equipment, it was converted into a horse barn in 1994, after our neighbors gave us two "free" horses..... Six acres of fenced pasture, four Morton BarM Stalls, saddles, tack, arena and literally tens of thousands of dollars later, I still question the "look a gift horse in the mouth" concept, but we loved those two Quarters and they lived long and happy lives, both passing within a year of each other at age 29. Recognize the field behind them? The current vineyard was Pistol and HB's grazing pastures.

In 2003, we made the decision to move our animals to the back barn, and changed hats on the barn once again, this time converting it to a state-of-the-art commercial winery that it is today. You can still appreciate the hay loft and Dutch stall doors. We currently have the production capability to process almost 3000 gallons of wine annually, translating into 1200 cases. Still, very small potatoes in the scheme of commercial wineries, but we'd have it no other way. Every step of production is done by hand, allowing us to maintain the artisan quality of our wines.

The Crew: Jenny and Jake Grisham, Sue Campbell, Pat Hornak-Skvarla, Grace Rose, Terry Bastin, Donna Gunn, Bill Skvarla,

In the Vineyard
A poem by Annette Januzzi Wick, 9/18/07

We pitch our worn out blankets
and nylon sports chairs
expecting some main event.
But life unfolds in sips
and the young singer on stage
sounds better by the glass.

Mom is dancing with hips
held together by screws.
She is sliding her heels
back and forth
across an already worn path
I got the St Louis Blues.

The music drifts across
fields where horses trot
and donkeys bray.
A few Seyval grapes still cling to the vines
on this dry September night.

Mom forgets that she forgets things.
And so do we,
on this autumn night
when she looks at me
like we are young lovers
and speaks too loud,
over the strum of the guitar
and a wine called Serenade,
and calls out, I love you.

 If all romance
could be this simple
and so full of music
as on this night.